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Macro Monday: Caterpillar

Macro Monday @ Lisa’s Chaos

Our World Tuesday

Wordless Wednesday @ Drummer Boys


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Winter Inspiration

Yesterday was the first day of winter here in Australia. Although it has been very cold for quite some time now, so I have already had time to bring out my winter faves

Something New

I have just discovered my love for the snood, I love my scarfs and this is just a new way to wear neck warming goodness

Something Old

I busted last years snuggie out of the cupboard

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New Internet Finds


Lately I have found two websites on the net that I have found useful. For me, they replace things I have previously used.

Firstly, Pixlr replaces Picnik for me. It is a  photo editing site. There are lots of things that you can do with this site. It is going to take me a while to get my head around how to use it well, but I think it is going to be great.

Next is,, which replaces google friend connect (which is fazing itself out). You can find out a bit more about it from the founder here. I have not quite worked out how to easily access all the blogs I am using and how to efficiently use linky followers just yet, but I’m getting there.


Follow My Blog!

Click here to follow this blog and view my other followers…


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Things I know…

Today I am posting some random things (I think) I know, to link up with The Good, The Bad and The Uneccesary for her Friday Linky Party

I am also joining in on Flog Yo Blog Friday at Where’s My Glow?

I know…

  • I am loving linky Parties at the moment. After all, what is a blog with out people stopping by? And they can be providers of inspiration when you are stuck for what to post about. Plus you get to click on heaps of links and see what others are posting about… further inspiration!
    See my Linky Parties Page to see which ones I often link up to through the week.
My Linky Page
  •  Cruskits are YUMMY (overseas people- do you have these in your stores) mmm especially with creamy cottage cheese and smoked salmon
mmm Cruskits
  •  Matryoshka is GREAT!! (First it was owls, then little birdies, now its matroyshka for me) I am loving everything Matryoshka at the moment. I have a little document holder, a tea pot, measuring cups, measuring spoons, the ornamental doll set… and I want more.
Matryoshka Teapot
  •  This space neads to be delt with!! ASAP!! It is bothering me so much and I have been meaning to make a ‘Command Centre’ as previously posted about here. It is time that I really got around to doing that.
eek! Cringe.
  •  Something else I know… LIFE IS TOUGH… and sometimes you have to find that out the hard way, just to make sure you truly believe it. I guess if life was always smooth sailing you wouldn’t truly be able to appreciate the good times.


Slightly More Depth Than a Teaspoon attatched this song to her post about tough times. I liked it so I thought I’d share it too.



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OMG My 1st Blog Button!!!

Wow I am a real professional blogger now. I have my very own blog button!!!

It took me a little while, I must have been doing something wrong over at this post here. But I moved over to this post and I managed to work it out for the most part. It is still not in the neat little grab box though, so I might keep working on it.

The reason I wanted to make a blog button was because I don’t like wordpress for the ‘follower’ function of it. It is not as easy to follow your favourite blogs with wordpress as it is blogger. So I thought that if people liked my blog and wanted to easily check in with my posts, they could add my button to their page and I’m only a click away.

Ok lets see if that code works…. pasting it in now…



I have now found this website, which is soooooo easy for making your blog button!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must try it!

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Nonprofits I Support


GreenWifi + OLPC in Senegal

Mwandi Orphan Education Sponsorship Program- Zambia, Africa

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Things I know

You can’t change the world- but you sure can try!!

You can’t change the life of everyone- but you can change the life of someone!!

Link up to more

things I know


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Merry Christmas


Mmm about round three of christmas lunch!

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Christmas Nails

I am getting into the Christmas Spirit with these fun, festive Christmas nails I painted this morning.

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Five Things I'm Good At

Scrapbooking Cupcakes!

1) listening

2) teaching little kiddies

3) seeing the best in situations

4) being clumsy

5) scrapbooking

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Look. Find. Inspire

Coffin Bay, 2010

Hi all,

I have started this blog (look.find.inspire) to try and fulfil my 2012 new years resolution… to find inspiration in life. I have been feeling a little unmotivated and uninspired and bogged down in the day to day living of life and work and chores lately and I want to find more time for ME for the things that I enjoy. I intend for this blog to be an eclectic collection of inspirations and interesting things that I find, do, read, cook, feel, think, see, etc…

Hopefully I can find a little inspiration and maybe inspire someone along the way too.


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2012 New Year's Resolution

Enjoy life now

I want to be inspired to do things that make me excited and enjoy life

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